Some Wisdom and Happiness for you.

Some Wisdom and Happiness for you.

Greetings Good People!



When I undertook this project, I was full of exuberance and ideas.  My good friend, Andres, said, "Hold on there, Bob. Take it easy." I didn't listen, so sure of being right and, after all, I wanted to Look Good." Now, after struggling and stressing over an overcomplicated letter, I am deciding to follow my friend's advice. You can expect a blog, a poem and a few short wisdoms in each letter.

Be well, be blessed and be happy


About "Being Right" and "Looking Good"


We often place a great deal of importance on “being right” and “looking good.” We strive for the correct answers, the perfect image, and the most impressive accomplishments. In pursuing these things, we can waste an incredible amount of time and energy, which could be better spent elsewhere.


So what is so compelling about "being right?" Many of us deeply need to prove ourselves right in every situation. Whether it's a debate with friends, an argument with a partner, or a discussion with a colleague, we feel a sense of satisfaction when we can convince others that our perspective is the correct one. 


This need to be right can be incredibly time-consuming. We may spend hours researching, debating, and defending our position, all to prove ourselves right. What if, instead of being right, we focused on listening to others and learning from their perspectives? By being open-minded and willing to consider other viewpoints, we could save ourselves a lot of time and energy, and we might even learn something new.


The complimentary side of being right is "looking good." Many of us are preoccupied with presenting the perfect image to the world. We spend time in front of the mirror, carefully selecting our outfits, applying makeup, and fixing our hair. How many students have missed a learning opportunity by not raising a hand out of fear of asking a question that doesn’t “Look Good.”


We may also spend much time on social media, carefully curating our profiles to present an idealized version of ourselves to others. But this obsession with looking good can be incredibly time-consuming, and it can also be harmful to our mental health. 


When we constantly compare ourselves to others and strive for perfection, we feel anxious, insecure, and unhappy. Instead of looking good, what if we focused on being kind, compassionate, and authentic? By cultivating these qualities, we could improve our relationships with others and ourselves and feel much happier and more fulfilled.


The question I like to ask myself is: "Would I rather be right or be happy?"


Prioritizing happiness and contentment can lead to a more fulfilling life. Focusing on finding joy and fulfillment daily makes us more resilient in facing challenges. We may be more open-minded and empathetic towards others improving our relationships and leading to deeper connections.


Of course, there are times when being right is important. For example, in academic or professional settings, having the correct information or knowledge is essential. However, in many other situations, being right is less important than being happy. Sometimes, the pursuit of being right can impede our ability to find happiness.


While it's natural to want to be right and look good, we should be mindful of the time and energy invested in these pursuits. By shifting our focus to listening and learning from others and cultivating kindness, compassion, and authenticity, we can save ourselves a lot of time and energy, and we might even find that we're happier and more fulfilled. 



Happy Wall of the week

Wise and Happy Poem

I am not the best poet, and hopefully not the worst. 

Poetry is a unique and powerful form of expression that allows writers to convey complex emotions, thoughts, and experiences. It forces me to be with my thoughts for enough time to allow subtleties to percolate. 

Poetry connects people across time and space. There is something deeply satisfying about knowing that my words may resonate with someone else and offer comfort or insight. 

Bob Martin

Would I Rather Be Right?


Would I rather be right,

Or be happy and content?

This question fills my mind,

And leaves me feeling spent.

For so long, I've strived,

To prove myself to all,

To show I am the best,

And stand above them tall.

But in my quest for rightness,

I've lost sight of what's true,

That happiness and contentment,

Are what we all pursue.

So now I pause and wonder,

If being right is worth,

The cost of lost connections,

And all the pain it births.

I'll strive for empathy and kindness,

To truly hear their side,

And find a common understanding,

Where both of us can reside.

For being right is fleeting,

And brings no lasting joy,

But finding happiness and contentment,

Is what we should all employ.

So I'll choose to be happy,

And embrace the love around,

For in this world of chaos,

It's what is to be found.




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