Some Wisdom and Happiness for you - Spring is here...

Some Wisdom and Happiness for you - Spring is here...

Greetings Good People!



As I grow older, many of the beliefs I held onto so strongly begin to modify, even be replaced, under the light of new knowledge and experience. Even values have their subtleties and nuances.

For me, beliefs have become more like working hypotheses.  Something I can commit to and test.


For now, these are the principles I have chosen to live by:


1. Standing for something can be more powerful than standing against something. 


2. Life is precious and deserves celebration.

3. Our perceived flaws and defects are beautiful features of being humans.


4. Strive to be kind and compassionate over being right. 


5. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they’ve got.


6. We can work towards showing up for ourselves and each other more powerfully. 


7. Every single moment is a new opportunity to re-create yourself.






On this beautiful spring day, I feel energized by the sight of the tree buds beginning to bloom. All the world is coming to life once again after winter.

The changing seasons invigorate me, and my favorite is the transition from winter to spring. The warmth of the sun, the gentle breeze, the chirping of birds - all of these things whisper to me that life is beautiful and that there is hope for the future.

But it's the tree buds that capture my attention. There's a certain magic in how they unfurl, slowly but surely, awakening from a long slumber. Day by day, sometimes hour by hour, they remind me that there is beauty in growth, in the process of becoming something new and wonderful.

I think about the people in my life who have helped me to grow and blossom. My parents, who encouraged me to pursue my dreams. My friends, who have stood by me through thick and thin, and who have helped me survive. My teachers, heroes, and mentors, who have challenged and inspired me.

These people have played a role in my growth, just as the tree buds represent growth and transformation in the natural world. Growth is a continuous process, one that never ends. We are always becoming something new, always evolving and changing, and It is in that very process of change that hope is born.

So, do the tree buds in spring energize me? Yes, they do. They remind me of the beauty of life, the power of growth, and the importance of the people who help us become our best selves. 

And for that, I am grateful. 



Happy Wall of the week

Wise and Happy Poem

I am not the best poet, and hopefully not the worst. 

Poetry is a unique and powerful expression that allows writers to convey complex emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Writing or reading it forces me to be with my thoughts for enough time to allow subtleties to percolate. 

Poetry connects people across time and space. There is something deeply satisfying about knowing that my words or the words I discover and love may resonate with someone else and offer comfort or insight. 

Bob Martin

I Honor Spring


As winter's grip begins to fade,

And all around, the world is made

Anew by Spring's unyielding force,

I honor her, the mighty source.

The snows recede, the ice departs,

And nature's beating heart restarts.

The fields are green, the trees in bloom,

And all the land is raised from gloom.

The sun climbs higher every day,

And all the world is on display.

The thawing streams and chirping birds

Sing out a song without the words.

To stretch and reach for warm sunshine

and dance and sway in rhythm, divine

the sky is blue; the clouds are white

and everything feels just so right

The melting snow, the gushing streams,

The gentle breeze and warming beams,

All speak to me of hope and light,

And fill my soul with pure delight.

And so I honor Spring today,

And in her warmth and light, I’ll stay.

With a grateful heart and open eyes,

I see the world with a child’s surprise.



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