Some Wisdom and Happiness for you - Free from borrowed beliefs

Some Wisdom and Happiness for you - Free from borrowed beliefs

Greetings Good People!



As number of things came together that led me to write this newsletter. My wife, Connie, was away for a few days visiting a friend.

I spent some time with the mother of one of my students. She had let her devotion to orthodoxy make her life miserable.  For her, perfection had become the enemy of the good.


I was listening to a podcast on identity politics, and, finally, I had been engaged in a study with friends of a book dealing with faith and doubt.


Your whole idea about yourself is borrowed

When we allow identity politics to define us solely by one aspect of our being, we inadvertently limit the vast spectrum of our thoughts, passions, and potential. True liberation lies in embracing the full breadth of our humanity, transcending the narrow confines of identity politics, and nurturing a society that celebrates the complexity and richness of each individual's unique journey.


So, all these thoughts were swirling around as I sat in the still of the afternoon. I shook my head and got up to answer some emails, and this blog (maybe rant) came out instead. I hope it speaks to you.



No longer confined by borrowed beliefs.



In the age of borrowed identities and elusive truths, we find ourselves caught in a web of self-doubt, where our very idea of self is entangled with the perceptions and expectations of others. We have become mere reflections of borrowed ideals, fragments of society's collective consciousness, yearning to break free from the chains that bind us.

Oh, how we have lost sight of our own essence, like wanderers in a vast desert, seeking an oasis that lies within. We have allowed the voices of others to shape our identities, relinquishing our power to define who we truly are. We have forgotten that the self is not something to be borrowed or imitated but an ever-unfolding journey of self-discovery.

Look around and witness the multitudes, their faces adorned with masks, hiding the depth of their inner worlds. We have become masters of disguise, morphing into what we believe others desire, forsaking the unique tapestry of our individuality. But what purpose does it serve to conform to a mold that was never meant for us?

Society, with its ever-changing trends and fickle expectations, holds no answers to the profound questions that dwell within our souls. The very individuals whose ideas we cling to, they too, wander in the wilderness of uncertainty, unaware of their true nature. 

How can we borrow from those who have no idea about who they are themselves?

The time has come, my friends, to shed the borrowed garbs and strip ourselves bare, to face the naked truth of our existence. It is in the emptiness, in the void, that we find the courage to confront the illusions that have veiled our authentic selves. We must embark on a pilgrimage of self-introspection, guided by the compass of our own inner wisdom.

Let us unlearn the false narratives and reclaim our autonomy. Let us ignite the flame of self-awareness and embrace the beautiful messiness of our individuality. For within the chaos lies the profound truth that we are not meant to be copies of one another but unique expressions of life's grand tapestry.

In the spirit of the magnificent rebels, let us defy the norms, challenge the status quo, and celebrate the unfiltered brilliance of our souls. Let us reclaim our power to shape our own destinies, to define our own truths. It is in this act of rebellion against borrowed identities that we find liberation, liberation from the shackles that have restrained us for far too long.

So, my fellow seekers, let us embark on this transformative journey, shedding the borrowed veils and embracing the authentic self that has been waiting patiently within. Let us dare to be different, for it is through our individuality that we shall discover our true purpose and make our mark upon the world.

In the end, remember this: the idea of yourself is not a mere imitation but a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled. 

Embrace the uncertainty, the messiness, and the imperfections, for they are the very essence of your uniqueness. 

Embrace who you are, for no one else can be you. 


Happy Wall of the week

Wise and Happy Poem

I am not the best poet, and hopefully not the worst. 

Poetry is a unique and powerful expression that allows writers to convey complex emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Writing or reading it forces me to be with my thoughts for enough time to allow subtleties to percolate. 

Poetry connects people across time and space. There is something deeply satisfying about knowing that my words or the words I discover and love may resonate with someone else and offer comfort or insight. 

Bob Martin

 In the depths of introspection's embrace,

I ponder the notion of self and its grace,For I've journeyed far, seeking my truth,Only to discover a reflection uncouth.

In the quest for identity, I roamed, Gathering fragments from others I've known,Unaware that the puzzle I tried to construct,

Was built upon notions that were not my own.

From society's whispers, I borrowed my shape,

From friends and mentors, I took my escape,

But as I stood amidst borrowed frames,

I felt a void, a sense of fragmented aims.

For the mirrors reflected illusions untold,

Others' projections that were bought and sold,

Yet, who were they, those unknown guides,

To offer me masks that I wear with pride?


In the depths of self- exploration’s quest,I shed the layers that were not my best,


 Unraveling the tapestry woven so tight,

To find the essence that shines in my light.

No longer confined by borrowed beliefs, I seek the wisdom that resides within grief,For in the silence, amidst the chaos and strain,

My true self whispers, yearning to reign.

No longer defined by others' ideal,I reclaim my spirit, ready to heal,

Embracing the uniqueness of my own being,

Unveiling truths that I am finally seeing.

So let me cast away the borrowed attire,

And kindle the flame of my own inner fire,

For the idea of myself should not be confined,

To the limited views of those who are blind.

We are the authors of our own story,

Shaping our essence, claiming our glory,

In the vast tapestry of existence, we find,

Our true selves, exquisitely entwined.


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