What's Meditation?

Meditation is a powerful tool that can help improve our mental and physical health, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase our sense of well-being. Meditation has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people are discovering its benefits. However, many people are unsure of what meditation is and what it is not and struggle to establish a consistent meditation practice on their own.

Why a Meditation Teacher is Essential.

There are many misconceptions about what meditation is and is not. A Meditation Teacher can guide you on the most effective and efficient path before you spend a lot of time and effort developing practices that are not as helpful as you would like them to be.

A meditation teacher is a trained professional who can guide you through the process of learning to meditate as they teach you different techniques, such as mindfulness and breath awareness, and help you find the one that works best for you.

Will also help you understand the science behind meditation and how it can benefit your body and mind. They can also help you understand how to incorporate meditation into your daily life and how to use it to help you manage stress and anxiety.

Learn Mindfulness and Meditation with us.

Our teaching system combines ancient wisdom with modern technology, using Koru Mindfulness®, an evidence-based curriculum designed to teach mindfulness, meditation and stress management.
The KORU program was designed at Duke University to help folks learn to cope with stress while increasing productivity and well-being. 

We offer a complete plan of study consisting of 3 components:

a) Basic Online Meditation Class
b) Advanced Online Medidation Course
c) Virtual Retreat
d) Mindfulness Mentoring

KORU - Basic Course

An introduction to mindfulness and meditation.
Taught as a weekly, 75-minute class over four weeks by a trained and certified Koru Teacher.

Skills covered in Koru Basic:

• Breath Awareness
• Belly Breathing
• Dynamic Breathing
• Body Scan
• Gatha (modified mantra)
• Walking Meditation
• Guided Imagery
• Labeling Thoughts
• Eating Meditation
• Labeling Feelings

At the end Koru Basic, you will have sufficient insight and understanding of the practice to make an informed decision as to whether meditation is a practice you want to continue or if it's just not for you.

KORU - Advanced Course

An advanced class for students who have completed Koru Basic and are eager for more.
This course also consists of weekly, 75-minute classes taught over four weeks. The structure of classes and requirements are the same as in KORU BASIC. Practice time is extended.

Skills covered in KORU 2.0:

• Seated Yoga
• Gatha (Extended)
• The cultivation of Loving Kindness
• The cultivation of Sympathetic Joy
• The cultivation of compassion
• The cultivation of wisdom
• Forgiveness
• Deepening the practice

KORU Retreat

The KORU Retreat is a half-day silent mindfulness retreat for students wanting to try a more intense mindfulness experience.

The Koru retreat is an opportunity for those that have taken meditation training and for those that have yet to learn about meditation or to brush up.
It is taught in a single 4 hour session that is conducted as a silent retreat.
The last half hour silence is broken for sharing of experience.

Mindfulness Mentoring

Step into a deeper dimension of mindfulness with Mindfulness Mentoring. This offering is tailored for those with a firm meditation practice or who've journeyed through our Introduction to Meditation Course.

It is founded on a profound connection between teacher and student, where each shares a commitment to the other. Whether in group interaction, one-on-one sessions, or a fusion of both, mentoring is tailored to your aspirations and rhythms. Together, we chart the frequency, intensity, and objectives, crafting a lasting connection along the way.

The requirements to participate are:

a) Attendance at all four classes.
b) Practice the skills at least 10 minutes a day and fill out a short log on the Koru Mindfulness app (3 to 10 minutes)
c) Fill out a feedback form at the end of the fourth class.

Group Classes start with a 5 to 10-minute guided sitting meditation. Then there is a check-in where each student that cares shares what his experience with the practice was like. New skills are taught in each class. During the week, students practice those skills and log them on Koru App.

 We are happy to explore what’s possible with you. Contact us.

Upcoming classes and events

Custom group classes: If you have a group of at least 5 we can customize a schedule for you Individual Instruction. Class times can be customized to fit your schedule.

Open Enrollment Classes: Open enrollment classes begin the first week of every month and meet on the same day and time throughout the month.


Contact us here for the upcoming class schedule.
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Subscribe to the Wisdom & Happiness Digest, a twice-a-month newsletter bringing you hand picked information from the web.

We are happy you are becoming part of the Wise&HappyLife Family!
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